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Astrawin India Pvt Ltd is an established IT service company administered on delivering world-class Managed IT solutions, Infrastructure services, Cyber security and Next generation Workspace Technology. Our mission is to discover unique comprehensive solutions that adapt to real world business scenario. We have been offering services in the industry with tech experts experienced for more than a decade and has intended to be an trusted partner for industries and amazing clients. We believe in implementing innovative solutions that are flexible, engaging, and can grow with your business.


Astrawin has extensive experience in developing a wide range of best-in class IT solutions that are intuitive to operate, and delivered through its

dedicated team as well as partners for wider reach.


We believe our responsibilities extend beyond business, that is why we deliver the best services and be honest in all our interactions with our customers. We have built a business with a customer focused culture and a strong experienced global executive team. We provide our customers with the best IT services which indeed help us to stay competitive in this ever-growing corporate world.

The Company focus on delivering the best combination of hardware and associate software and services for our customers and we have chosen to avoid the consolidation going on in the  business today. We recognize the challenges faced by our customers and we bring a combination of vision, commitment and technology to help them excel in today’s environment.

Managed IT Services

Infrastructure and Networks

Your network and underlying infrastructure are the backbone of your business, security, reliability, performance and capacity for growth is critical. Technology infrastructure is the foundation upon which the rest of your business runs.


Cybersecurity has never been more important or prominent concern for every business large and small. Taking security seriously is a pre-requisite for any organization, it isn’t if you will be attacked but when, make sure you have the right protections in place.
Astrawin provides our clients with holistic security design and consultancy to ensure that your business is protected, from end point protection through to end user security training for all your staff.

Workspace Technology

IT Physical Infrastructure

With expertise in converged IT infrastructure with an understanding of building operations from our construction industry, we design innovative, complex cabling and network solutions to provide a robust platform on which to build a resilient IT infrastructure

Wifi Design & Surveys

The demand on wireless networks is constantly increasing as ever more devices connect and consume your bandwidth. This network overload is exacerbated by an increasing amount of electromagnetic interference in the environment often leading to poor Wi-Fi performance.


Astrawin uses industry leading technologies to create predictive Wi-Fi heat maps of your environment overlayed onto your office floor plans, including planning for the optimum positioning of your WiFi access points. We are able to gain a clear and complete picture of what is causing any performance bottlenecks and how best to mitigate them.


We base your Wi-Fi design on this data and analysis to ensure that we build Wi-Fi networks that will deliver high performance and high security across your organization.

AV & Multimedia

We identify how technology can enhance your workplace and propose bespoke solutions. We aim to design and deliver that AV solutions that perfectly match your unique environment and user requirements. We also ensure that our solutions are easy to operate and maintain and support after installation.

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